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Dear Readers,

We are glad to announce that the nineteenth issue (June 2019) of Electronic Journal of Political Science Studies has just been published and it is available online. It starts with Cüneyd Yıldırım’s article on “Die spätosmanische Melâmiyye als Förderin einer westlichliberalen Gesinnung: Untersuchung eines Narrativs” in which the author elaborates the support of Malamis to the Committee of Union and Progress as well as the liberal world view. Taking the existing writings into consideration, he also analyzes to what extent thinking of this religious group is related to that of the nonconformist ideology. Fahri Turk’s article on “Turkish Non Governmental Organisations in Macedonia: An Analysis in the Context of Teaching Turkish Language and their Problems” investigates the contribution of Turkish NGOs in Macedonia to teach Turkish language and gives some recommendations to the solution of the problems of these NGOs. Tülay Yıldırım Mat and Mehmet Bardakçı’s co-written article entitled as “The Education Rights of Children and its Effectiveness in the European Unions Asylum Law ” deals with policies and applications followed by the EU member counties regarding the education rights of asylum seeker children in the EU. While Güngör Şahin explores foreign policy and security strategy of the United States of America within the framework of theories of International Relations from a historical point of view, Taner Karakuzu and İlker Limon address the political instability in Tunisia in the context of Arab Spring.

We would feel very happy if this short introduction motivates you reading articles in this issue.


Prof. Dr. Fahri Türk

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